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There are lots of web-based sources of information on wildlife sounds, this list does not even come close to covering them all - but here are some that I find useful - many of them contain their own links pages for onward connections. If you have one I should include (yours or another) please let me know

To get technical help and advice from other recordists:

The Yahoo! Nature recordists group is where I learned a lot of techniques: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/naturerecordists/

This group grew from the above but is focused only on sounds: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Naturerecording/

Professional Recordists with their own sites:

Martyn Stewart is a US based professional recordist with a great site: www.naturesound.org

Bernie Krause is a US based guru of wild sound recording and has written several books: www.wildsanctuary.com

Geoff Sample is a UK based professional and has produced several European bird sound guides: www.wildsong.co.uk

Chris Watson is the leading BBC wildlife sound recordist: www.chriswatson.net

Kevin Colver has produced several comprehensive US sound guides: 7loons.com

Lang Elliott has just started a new project: www.musicofnature.org

Rob Danielson is a US academic with a great teaching site with all sorts of technical advice:


Clubs and Associations:

The UK Wildlife Sound Recording Society: www.wildlife-sound.org

The US Nature Sounds Society: www.naturesounds.org

The French Sonature: association.sonatura.com

The Australian Wildlife Sound Recording Group: www.awsrg.org.au

The Dutch Birding Association: www.dutchbirding.nl

Collections etc useful as reference material:

The British Library Wildlife Sounds collection: www.bl.uk/reshelp/findhelprestype/sound/wildsounds/wildlife.html

The Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology: macaulaylibrary.org

Two nice sites from N America which present sounds and analysis: birdvoices.net and boidnoise.org

Xeno-Canto a  project to collect all bird sounds from around the world: www.xeno-canto.org

A Belgian site: www.soundsnatural.be

A Finnish site: www.ksly.net

Another Finnish site (with English): www.virtual-bird.com

A Norwegian site: www.fuglar.no

A good collection from Latvia: www.putni.lv/index_balsis_eng.htm

The Bird Forum: www.birdforum.net

Switzerland and nearby:

One of the best websites I know: www.ornitho.ch

Bird sounds of Bourgogne: www.chants-oiseaux.fr

An Italian site: www.scricciolo.com/eurosongs/canti

A nice blog by an excellent Swiss recordist(e): www.audioblog.ch

Other Interesting sites:

An anthropological approach: www.abdn.ac.uk/birdsong/

Tawny Owls: www.godsownclay.com

A discography: aviandiscography.webs.com

Gianni Pavan is a Professor at the Universiti of Pavia, Italy, Centre for Interdisciplinary Bioacoustics and Env Research (CIBRA), he specialises in aquatic acoustics but with programmes in several areas, and has a website with good resources: www-3.unipv.it/cibra

Mark Brennan is a Canadian landscape artist specialising in wild scenery, he has recently turned to sounds as an additional way to breing nature to people and keeps an interesting blog: www.wildearthvoices.org

The London Sound Survey is an interesting project that contains both natural and anthropogenic sounds: www.soundsurvey.org.uk


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Please note that all the sounds and spectrograms on this site are coypright to Chris Hails, all photographs as marked are copyright to Arlette Berlie, both may only be used according to the creative commons license on this page. Anyone who would like high definition versions of the sound or images, or to use them commercially may contact us for permission.

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